Activities of the Commission

The Commission receives complaints or proceeds Suomotu to inquire into allegation of misconduct against Police. The Commission conducts inquiry on the principles of natural justice in a summary way following the civil procedure code where necessary. The Hon’ble Chairperson and Members of the Commission together discuss and pass necessary order. Majority view prevail. Any complainant if serious injured by police misconduct, the Commission to recommend the State Govt. as compensation in favour of injured/victim due to police misconduct and advice the Director General of Police, Tripura for punishment/ departmental proceeding against police personnel.

The Commission has power to advise the State Government on measures to ensure protection of witnesses, victims, and their families who might face any threat or harassment for making the complaint or for furnishing evidence. The Commission may visit any police station, lock-up, or any other place of detention used by the police and, if it thinks fit, it may be accompanied by a police officer. For sensitisation of Police and education of people the commission has translated and published in Bengali eight leaflets about police commission, important provisions of the police Act and 10(ten) police guidelines. It has also installed display boards in prominent places giving information about the commission, how to approach it, in what matters complaints can be lodged and the simple cost free procedure. The commission has launched website. It receives complaints on line and organises seminars workshops for police and people. The commission prepares annual report and submits it to the state Government for laying it before the Legislative Assembly.